Our motto

Our motto consists of "mind - heart - hand", meaning, we are mindful, do our job with all of our heart and guide the children in their education. That also means we try to teach them how to balance their performance with their mind and heart. This is consistent with character education in the school.

Character education in kindergarten.

Our main focus in our daily routines is to include character education in the childrens play and education. The ideas of charachter education that we use are from various scholars but all in all they focus most on ethic values, where we work on to reinforce the good in people. Instead of charachter education being a single subject we rather make it be a part of every day activities.

Each semester we work with one virtue and that will be the theme of the group activities.


Literacy is one of the six main focus points published by the National Curriculum Guide (Aðalnámskrá). Literacy is a multi-factor focus point where not only we work with reading and listening but also with emotional literacy which enforces the childrens self esteem and how they feel. Every day we work with songs, stories, rhymes, games and the alphabet. The book Lubbi finnur málbein is a book where the icelandic speech sounds are discovered with songs and stories. We use Lubbi along with other literacy related activities. Here you can read our literacy policy.


Doing yoga with children helps them feel relaxed and in more contact with their own body and mind. In the speed of the 21st century it is vital to learn how to relax and enjoy the moment. Working with yoga in the school fits also very well with the character education.


Equaltiy is also one of the six main focus points from Aðalnámskrá. Here is the equality policy for you to read.

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