Parent association

The school has a parent association, which was established January 11th, 2005. The purpose of the parent association is to reinforce parent/teacher cooperation. The association sometimes offers lectures, events and/or trips of some sort. They have also supported to school with buying teaching and learning materials.

The fee to be a part of the parent association is 5000 ISK. If parents have two children in the school, then the fee is 8000 ISK. It is payed through an transaction. Kennitala: 510405-0210 and bank account is 0565-14-605859.

The money is used to buy christmas gifts for children for the christmas dance (Jólaball), for the Spring celebration and many other things meant to delight the children.

The parents association board for the school year 2021-2022 consists of the following parents:

Lovísa Oktavía Eyvindsdóttir (child in Móar)

Linda Líf Harðardóttir (children in Berg and Móar)

Tinna Hermannsdóttir (children in Hvammur and Lækur)

Kristjana Árný Árnadóttir (children in Lækur and Móar)

Konráð Fossdal (children in Berg and Lækur)

Parent council

Tröllaborgir also has a parent council. It is required by law that a school has parent council and administrative personel at the school work with the parent council. The parent council has a say if any changes are to be made in the schools curriculum and are supposed to be a concact between parents and school administrative in regards to any formal requests, ideas or changes.

Parents in the council for the school year 2021-2022 are the following:

Þórir Ólafur Halldórsson

Konráð Fossdal

Erla Jónatansdóttir

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