In regards to COVID-19 we do our best not to frighten the children. We keep the school open as much as possible. Currently all parents and/or guardians have to wear a mask when they enter the school. We also kindly ask them to sanitize their hands and make sure to keep their distance from other unrelated people in the school. We have taught students to thoroughly wash their hands and we make sure to keep common areas clean and sanitized. We also make sure to be in contact with parents to let them know if somone in their childs classroom testes positive for COVID-19 and work with the authorities in regards to who might need to be quarantined.


In regards to storms, blizzards or other weather related troubles we have procedures for that.
Usually, if weather warnings are deeply concerning, the police will decide wether the school should be open or not. That is announced in the radio, on RÚV in the 7:00 reports. Headmasters and other administrative people will also make sure that everyone get the announcement. If weather warnings look very bad after school has started, the school might get closed early and staff might have to contact parents and ask them to take their children home early that particular day.

Although, parents are always responsible for deciding if their child comes to school if any concerning weather hazards or other natural hazards are imminent, given if the school is open. We kindly ask parents to let us know if they decide to keep their child home because of the weather.

Some days the weather isn‘t too bad but staff do take decisions if they think the weather is too bad for outside play.

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