Childrens clothing have to be appropriate for the weather conditions. It is neccesary to keep in mind that Icelandic weather can change very fast, so make sure your child has extra clothing to change if needed. Every child has a box in the entrance hall, which is supposed to contain extra clothing.

We ask for: 2 sets of underwear, 2 sets of extra socks or tights. 2 sets of extra pair of pants and at least one extra T-shirt or a sweater.

Outdoor clothing must consist of at least one waterproof suit and one snow suit. Children need to have waterproof boots as well. We highly reccommend waterproof mittens as well.

Sometimes the children get to work with paint, and even though we do our best to keep things, such as paint, off their clothing (i.e. with aprons), there is always a possibility that they get paint in their clothes. So please make sure that they don‘t wear clothing to school that are not allowed to get dirty.

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