Welcome to the school!

Tröllaborgir kindergarten
Tröllagil 29 / Háhlíð 1 (Árholt)
603 Akureyri
Telephone: 469-4700 (Árholt: 414-3798)

Árholt (located in Háhlíð 1) 414-3798
Berg: 469-4703
Hvammur: 469-4704
Lækur: 469-4706
Móar: 469-4702

Tröllaborgir kindergarten is located in two places. Main building is in Tröllagil 29, a nine stories tall apartment building made by the students accociations from the University of Akureyri (Félagsstofnun stúdenta á Akureyri). The kindergarten is located in the first and second floor. Árholt, one of the classrooms, is located in Háhlíð 1, right besides Glerárskóli. Akureyrarbær runs the school which opened August 19th 2004. Tröllaborgir has room for about 110 students.

We have five classrooms, each meant for different age-groups. Each classroom has students born over a two year period.

Opening hours: Tröllaborgir is open from 7:45 – 16:15 from Monday till Friday. Childrens hours vary from 4 hours per day up to 8.5 hours per day. Parents decide what hours suit them the best but it is reccommended that children always come in the morning since the group activities are in the morning.

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