We use an information system named Karellen. Parents will have to download the application to their phone, then apply for an account with their kennitala on this website: http://my.karellen.is . On Karellen parents are able to see photos of their child, they see the menu for the day, and for the youngest children, for how long their child slept in naptime and also how well (or little) they ate at lunch.

The application also has a message fitus available. Parents can message their child teachers, but we reccommend to keep in mind that if the message is only meant for one teacher it is better to either email them or talk with them directly, since every teacher can see messages.

Further information on Karellen

Now we are in the process of using a new information system in Tröllaborgir, which is called Karellen.
The system provides for attendance, attendance, school calendar, communication, and images of the children.
- The system keeps track of attendance - illness and vacation. Parents can report their child in sick through the system and explain the illness in the text, e.g. flu, chicken pox, etc.
- The school curriculum is in the information system but monthly calendars and news will continue to be sent by email to parents
- Parents can send faculty members a message - note that all teachers registered in the faculty see the message - not a single teacher. If only one teacher can see a message from a parent, the email can be used.
- It will be fun to be able to send you pictures of children in play and work again. The images will be marked with your child so that others do not see the picture unless there is a group picture and more children are marked on a particular picture.
Please note that sharing pictures of children other than your own is not allowed. If parents share pictures of other children, the person in question has violated the law on privacy.
In order to get started, parents need to activate their access to Karellen, http://my.karellen.is

Parents log in to the Karellen website by selecting their login and selecting enable access.
There parents place their email address and activate.
E-mail should be received within 10 minutes with a password, and then parents register with the ID number and password.
If the e-mail is not received please send an e-mail to jakas@akmennt.is, send me the name of the child, the name of the parent and the active e-mail address, and I will do the repair.

To enable access to the app to your phone:
When parents have accessed a website, they can download the app to their phone.
The app is available in both iOS and Android operating systems. An app can be uploaded via Apple Store and Google Play. See instructions: https://karellen.is/leikskolaapp/

It is important to familiarize yourself with the qualities of Karellen
We encourage you to familiarize yourself with the features of the system well on the Karellen website. If something is unclear, please contact us and we will guide you. https://karellen.is/eiginleikar/

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